Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The biggest domain name sales in 2011

Domain names can be quite valuable if you own the right ones. In 2010, was sold for a whopping $13 million! That's 70 times more expensive than the cost of launching a Top Level Domain under ICANN's new gTLD Program.

Domains are always called the internet real estate, the sign posts that point where useful content exists. Having the right signpost in the maze that the internet is and the bigger maze that it's about to become is of utmost importance. That's why more and more people have been willing to pay a fortune for domain names ever since domain investing became a core part oif the internet economy during the .COM boom. Of course some of this has been driven by highly speculative activities and some unfortunate souls have ended up paying a fortune for worthless domains or "pigeon shit" as some in the industry would refer to them.

2011 had its fair share of big sales. Here were the top 10 biggest sales for the year: domain name was sold via Moniker/Namequiver deal in June 2011 for $2.6 million  by an individual owner Scott Carter to Salesforce. It was first registered in January 1995. Scott Carter tried to sell the domain name in 1997 for $50,000 but there were no buyers. He also tried using the site to promote business and social networking. was sold for $1 million via Domain Auction Platform in association with Domain Consultants on 18th May, 2011. It was registered on 23rd July 1997 and the new owners have registered it until 2019 so this will not be dropping soon :)  A website has already been put up at and it's selling domains at a steep price, perhaps to recoup the $1 million investment. I'm not sure whom they partnering ith, perhaps one of the big registrars eNom, NSI, GoDaddy plus friends.
This is quite a valuable domain as "domain name" is one of the most searched keyword -phrases on the world wide web. It's also one of the easiest of "products" to buy and sell on the web. is a partner of Network Solutions and seems to be a fully functional website of a domain reseller but am not sure if they making good money out of this given Network Solution's well known reputation of fleecing consumers. has sold for $725,000 through Sedo Marketplace on 27 July, 2011. Aktien is German for "stocks" . This was the biggest ccTLD domain sale in 2011, a year in which the .de domains were shining like shooting stars. was sold for $700,000 after Canada-based Virtual Universe Corporation(seller) reached a deal with US-based Mortgage Research Center, LLC on November 9, 2011. This sale included the domain, the website and the unregistered trademark rights resulting from the previous owner's use of the domain, It is a Canada based virtual universe corporation which sold its website rights to the U.S. based Mortgage Research Center. was sold for the same price as of $700,000 through a private sale on 27th April, 2011. The domain name was purchased by online shoe retailer Cat5 Commerce which is determined to compete online with online retailers like Zappos. was sold for $550,000 through Moniker/SnapNames. It’s an online knowledge exchange site, where you can ask question and you will be answered by its users worldwide. was sold for $525,000 through a deal brokered by MediaOptions on 26 October 2011. Domain seller is well known numeric domain investor T.J.Demas. Domain buyer is from is a Chinese website for music, videos, games, novels and shopping. has sold its domain name for $500,000 through AfternicDLS on 5th November, 2011. It has a tie with the which also sold at a same price. The domain name was sold for $500,000 via Sedo. It grabs the highest price in the game category. It is said that the domain name was bought by a Turkish gaming company, Gamegos which is located in Istanbul. It has a biggest gaming network in the world with many gaming sites. :The domain name was sold for $500,000 via private sale on 12th October, 2011. A Gay film, a porn production company based in Las Vegas purchased this domain name This was the biggest sale in the Montenegro's .ME domain namespace with the domain together with the website going for $450,000.

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