Sunday, June 24, 2012 The Best Google Adsense Alternative!

Last year, Google cracked down hard on Pakistani websites banning up to 90% of Pakistani Adsense accounts by some measures. This year, more accounts were banned affecting many bloggers including yours truly, although am Kenyan, not Pakistani. The Google cash is sweet and when your account goes, you just feel like punching against the wall. The bad thing about the Google monopoly is that it leaves bloggers with very little choices. No one has been able to come up with a viable advertising platform that can beat Google’s Adsense. So if you still have your Google Adsense account, read their TOS very very carefully. Especially if the traffic and earnings of your website are picking up. They have no issue with you as long as you are still earning peanuts. The moment your traffic and earnings pick up, then your account will come under close scrutiny and you will be banned on the flimsiest of charges, which you will never get the opportunity of knowing anyway.

My blogs were doing quite good with Adsense and when they went off, they left a dent that did not go unnoticed. Anyway, instead of crying over spilt beans and sucking up to Google, I began looking for more options while exploring more online income generation avenues. Trust me it feels good to make money on the internet and once you have started it, it can be very addictive.  Many of the so called “best Adsense alternatives” are actually rubbish. In some, even with good traffic, it would take you 5 years to make $1000. That is a joke!

After lots of trials and errors, I finally found something that can qualify as the best Adsense Alternative on the web! Actually I did not find it but they emailed me. is a contextual advertising platform owned by India’s Internet giant Directi. Directi is also the company that owns portfolios such as ResellerClub, Skenzo, and much more. The monthly revenues am making are roughly 30% of what I used to make with Adsense but it is something. It outperforms the Kontera ads, Chitika, Infolinks and the whole bunch of “alternatives” by far. Minimum payout is also $100. Given my earnings on Domain Parking Platforms, am suspect it can outperform Domain Parking too if I develop some content  but I will have to test it first to come up with fact based result, not assumptions.

 Typical ads appear to the left and on the top of this blog. As you can see, the ads very relevant. One drawback is that they don’t have banners. I think they have learnt well from the mistakes of Adsense as they personally communicate with you. Mmmmh, I wonder how they will handle that when they have millions of publishers. Also, unlike Adsense, they approve all your websites before you can place ads on them.So if you are used to the insensitivity of Adsense, these are things that can be quite refreshing. Anyway, I hope that something will come up that gives Adsense a real run for its money, monopolies will never be forces for good.

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