Friday, July 13, 2012

Why I don't Miss Adsense

Necessity is truly the mother of invention. I think people who build multiple websites and then live in constant fear crossing their fingers while collecting the Adsense cheques live not just in slavery but in a mental cocoon. They refuse to think outside the box. They refuse  to contemplate life "post-Adsense". For them, the day Google strikes the hammer, life will literally come to a standstill. I know it as I once lived that life until Google struck and almost drove me from my biggest passion- building websites and creating content and seeing my passions earn me some good money and great relationships.

Living life outside Adsense gives you a great sense of freedom. You are able to build and let build.You can experiment with lots of ads, ideas and afford to be carefree about it without worrying too much about the big G watching your every move. You don't have to piss in the pants every time you see an email from Google and above all, your future as a content developer is no longer tied to Google. You are in the driving seat.

It took me just two months to recover  from the initial shock and continue with my real estate development as if nothing had happened. I have learnt to open my mind and discover that the top online earners don't necessarily rely on Google for their income. They are building parallel income generation schemes and are becoming "little Adsenses" in their own right. For any internet entrepreneur, I think the most important part is the ability to recoup your investments and break even in the first year. I didn't expect to live off my websites in the first year, even when i was still using Adsense actively. Instead, I hoped to have Adsense as a base for building a broader, sustainable and long term business model by financing my domain purchases and hosting fees.

Once I found a way of replacing Adsense with several new monetization models including, I can now build websites indefinitely. Every time an idea strikes my mind, I purchase the domain and hoard it in the shelf for the idea to germinate fully. The implemetation part is quite easy once you figure out what to build and how to monetize it. Even if you have 100 websites with each making $3 per month from and the Infolinks and others together with a few dollars here and there from Affiliate Marketing and Guest Postings, you already have a profitable business model. You have weaned yourself of Adsense and can trudge to the future on a much surer footing. Your passions are no longer tied to an algorithm. So think outside the box. For me,  Adsense  is what kept me in the closet.

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