Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pre-register New Top Level Domains with United Domains

I got this email from and I thought it might be of interest to our readers. The newgTLD process is one of the most revolutionary events in the development of the internet in our time and it's important that everyone, especially Africa is aware and involved in the process. I am especially interested in the .africa(dotafrica) TLD so I will pre-register a couple of some African domain names like kenako, sangoma, karibu, akwaaba plus some African geo domain names. It's an interesting campaign. During the pre-launch of .eu, United Domains launched the same program of pre-registration and was able to register 63% of all pre-registration requests which is an excellent success rate! So don't take this process for granted, go forth and claim your names and marks!Good Luck.  For those with an interest in dotafrica pre-registration this is your chance!
In 2012 the next stage in the Internet's revolution begins with the arrival of new top level domains (TLDs) such as .sfo, .berlin, .nyc, .web, .eco, .shop, .gay, .xxx, .hotel, .film, .radio, .green, .site, .sport and .music.
ICANN, the organization in charge of domain names, is planning a dramatic rewriting of the rules for web addresses that could reduce the overwhelming importance of the .com extension. Under new ICANN rules, groups and organizations will be able to apply for new Internet extensions (the part after the “dot” in a web address). 

The new domain extensions are officially called “new generic top level domains” (new gTLDs).
Consider the opportunities that new domains will offer organizations, businesses, and individual domain owners, as well as end-users. Registering a .green domain for your brand sends the unmistakable signal that your company is dedicated to preserving the environment. New eCommerce organizations are assured of data security with a .secure domain for their checkout processes. And new musicians can launch their careers with .music domains.

We estimate that the first group of new gTLDs ("first round") will be available by October 2012.

Pre-Register New Generic Top Level Domains with United Domains
Get a head start by pre-registering your domains today with our partner, United Domains.
Secure your chance to own one of the upcoming new domains by pre-registering your desired domain name. United Domains will attempt to register your reserved domains as soon as this becomes possible thereby increasing your chances of owning a great domain name with a new gTLD. By pre-registering, you won't miss any of the registration deadlines.

The pre-registrations are non-binding and free (no processing fees apply). Once United Domains knows the final retail price and all domain policy details, you will be asked to confirm your pre-registration. United Domains estimates that the yearly registration fee for a domain with a new gTLD will be in the $20 to $70 range.

United Domains ran a similar pre-registration program in advance of the .eu launch in 2006 and successfully registered 63% of all pre-registration requests.

Domain investors and end-users alike have already pre-registered over 160,000 new domains with United Domains, including over 27,000 for .web and over 16,000 for .shop!
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Pre-register your new TLDs today!

Invest in the Possibilities: Secondary Market Opportunities
With each passing week, more applicants declare their intentions to campaign for new gTLDs. ICANN estimates that in the coming years we will see 200-300 new extensions. While the primary market and landrush periods for these proposed gTLDs are open to speculation, many people overlook the possibilities of the secondary market of these new domains.

Many of the new gTLDs bring keywords to the right of the “dot”, making them valuable for SEO, parking traffic, and resale. With the boom in location-based Internet marketing, the lure of city-based TLDs, like .berlin, .nyc, and .vegas is undeniable. And because keywords are so important to domains for businesses, there is an incredible market for travel and tourism sites based around a TLD like .hotel. As we saw with the recent launch of .co, end-users are interested in purchasing their desired name with an alternative to .com. As our pre-registration program shows, the .web extension is by far the most popular. Investing in a growing Internet landscape is hardly a risk when you consider keyword-rich TLDs for parking and valuable open space in other generic TLDs.

The domain market will certainly change with the launch of these new gTLDs, and the changes can be lucrative for early investors. Premium names will go fast as the domain world focuses on this new online real estate. Don’t miss your chance to stake your claim in a new top level domain.


  1. Yes, This is the no.1 listing domain for october 2012.

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