Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beware: GoDaddy Auctions Your Domain Names Only 46 Days After Expiry?

One of my domains expired about 59 days ago but I had failed to renew it in time. To make a long story short, I had planned to renew it this weekend at a higher cost knowing only too well that I should still have the chance to get it back during the 30 day redemption period only to find out these baboons had auctioned my domain two weeks ago. Now the domain was auctioned without my knowledge. How did they know that they I had no claims to my domain? I can see they sent some reminders in quick succession a few days before the auction as a justification that I had no claim. When I inquired, this is the response I get from a guy called Israel:

Thank you for contacting Online Support. The domain expired on 7/2/12 and has since been purchased by another party. You can look up the current registrant's contact information by using a WHOIS lookup. Please note that we cannot provide any further information other than what is listed in the whois database and customer support cannot contact the current registrant on your behalf.

The process we, the registrar, follow for expired domain names depends on your domain name extensions and their renewal settings. Prior to expiration, we send multiple emails to remind you to renew your domain names.

If you set your domain names to automatically renew, we attempt to renew the registrations for you the day after expiration. If we are unable to bill you, we park your expired domain names and notify you via email again.

If you set your domain names to manually renew and you let your domain names expire, we park your expired domain names and notify you via email again the day after expiration.

For expired .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .ws, .name, .cc, .mobi, .me, or .tv domain name registrations, we hold your domain name for approximately 42 days before canceling it. Domain name renewal during this period is subject to applicable renewal and redemption fees. For more information, see What happens after domain names expire? andRecovering Expired Domain Names.

Are there any registrars out there who at least have the courtesy of informing you that they are auctioning your domain names?? I'm done with GoDaddy!

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