Hottest African Domains

The hottest African ccTLD names are now in the .KE and the .ZA namespace, where domain names are seeing good aftermarket sales. Watch out for Kenya's .KE domain names as prices will likely come down pretty soon and the "landrush" will begin to snap  up some of the best generic domain names in the market. With only 18,000 domain names, there is still plenty of gold to be mined on Kenya's .KE namespace.

Another place to look out for is Nigeria's .NG namespace, they have recently launched the Switchto.NG campaign to market the .NG domains; expect more sales though the premium names might be tough. More updates on the latest and hottest marketplaces in Africa coming soon.

New gTLDs will also shake the market in Africa, especially the new domain .africa for which many Africans have shown some great interest. If Africans are going to be involved in the new gTLD process, it's because of the .africa string, the only new gTLD application from Africa.

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There is not much luck registering two letter domain names in the namespace. All have been taken, which shows the importance investors attach to South African domain namespace. To many domain investors, Africa is a market that will soon come of age with hundreds of millions yet to join the internet. The situation in Kenya's domain namespace is quite different. According to a snap survey we did two weeks ago, 83.4% of two letter domains are not yet registered.

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