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How does ICANN raise Global Awareness about newTLDs

Following the ICANN Oscars in Singapore, iCANN promptly issued an RFC "How Do we Raise Global Awareness on New gTLDs": The deadline is tomorrow 15,July,2011. If you would like to help the noble effort , then send an email with your comments to

"A message from ICANN's Communications Department:
 We seek the public's suggestions on communication strategies and any other constructive input that will help us leverage our limited budget and the strengths of ICANN's volunteer community in raising global awareness of the new gTLD program. Read More "

The comments have ranged from slightly relevant to outright playful. And even bizarre. It seems the "experts" have decided to keep silent with their big ideas. A sample of the comments is published below. How does the community plan on helping ICANN take new TLDs global with some of those comments. Here is a sample of the suggestions:

I am commenting in English to begin with for universal understanding but as
a Thai my message in Thai follows for the benefit pf my fellow Thais as

I personally feel that the most efficient and cost effective way in raising
global awareness of new gTLDs is to fast track and speed up the introduction
of IDN gTLDs corresponding to existing gTLDs such as .com,  . net and etc
and cite such successes to promote other gTLDs that will follow. I
understand that it is ICANN's goal to not allow confusingly similar strings
to be run by different operators. Accordingly, why does ICANN not allow such
IDN.IDN applications to skip the communication periods since it's only
logical that the current operators such as Verisign or Afiias etc would get
translits of the .com and .net strings in different languages.

My  game site business - domain: ?????.com ( in Thai) which has
been registered nearly 7 years now has been waiting to activate its idn
version "?????.???" urgently. ccTLDs already got their IDNs a year ago (for
instance ".???" ( Dot Thai in Thai). I was wondering why I and others in
similar situations would have to unfairly wait until at least end of
2012/early 2013 (that's 2 or more years from now when ICANN had previously
stated that the timing on the introduction of one (iCCTLDs) should not
disadvantage the other (iGTLDs). Already my site visitors are already
searching for my site on using ?????.??? ( in Thai).
This is evidenced from Google Keyword Tool results:

GKT results:
You're looking for a simple, direct and compelling way to gain interest and
attention in your campaign to inform about the new expansions on the
Internet.  Further, you want a global, 'human' approach...a generic hook...
that tells what the next big thing is on the Internet...what the Internet
has to offer 4U.  So, quite simply, I would like to offer the use of
in your campaign.  For example,,,,,,,,,, possibilities are limitless...the
avenues to the information, countless.  Therefore, we would like to talk
further about how we may assist in the gTLD campaign with 4U.

 With thanks for your consideration,
Barbara Koster 
In exchange for the application fee Wabbsters would personally contact and 
send the pdf to every corporate entity in the world. 
I am unable to tell you how because it is proprietary information. Also we 
would fulfill this obligation in 3 months so as to secure our application.
Our application will be for .wabbsters as we still fully intend to apply on 
January 12th.
Thank you:
Wabbsters Inc
Manuel R. Espinoza, Pres.
9800 w 8800 n
Lehi, Ut 84043
Dear Sirs

Given ICANN's failure to incorporate a suggestion I first made in Mexico, 2009 
and have repeated at least once at every subsequent ICANN meeting, please send 
an email to every existing domain registrant advising them of ICANN's new gTLD 

The email should also outline the new ".XXX" and how it will affect, or not, 
existing domains and perhaps provide an explanation why, given ICANN's claims 
that new gTLDs were part of its original mandate, this email was not sent 
immediately following ICANN's formation over 12 years ago or even after the new 
gTLD approval at Paris in 2008.


Paul Foody
Mass medias are critized not to care enough for the background of a story or at 
least the "story behind the story", but to care to
much for  events.
We will not change this during the coming weeks.
It is important for the resellers and registrars to create events. One of our 
German competitors organizes
a congress in Munic. The media coverage is nearly guaranteed.
We will organize a conference or something similiar in September.
You should think global, but act local. Many of the New Top Level Domains have 
a local relationship.
This should be worth for your local TV channel and local newspaper to publish a 


Hans Peter Oswald 
It might be wise for a communications plan to include a warning to the general 
public about misleading 'pre-registration' schemes. 

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