Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Huge .co.za Sale on Sedo: nn.co.za sold for $7500

This week's biggest sale was the domain name sadara.com which sold for $70,800 . It's probably the name of some corporation in Qatari oil company or bank or corporation, I will do more research on this. And as you might well know, our Qatari friends have no issue coughing oiut cash when they really want something.

Jurgen Ritzlmayer
.co.za continued shining and carrying Africa's flag on the international domain aftermarket with nn.co.za selling for $7,500. it was the fifth biggest sale under the ccTLD category on sedo. NN.co.za hosts the NewsNow news portal for South Africa and is now owned by South African Tech and Internet Entrepreneur, Jurgen Ritzlmayr.

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