Friday, July 1, 2011

ICANN 42 Senegal; ICANN and Senegalese Government Correspondence Concerning Protests

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I actually saw this link on Twitter and took the trouble to translate it for you :(
The first letter is from the Senegalese Minister of Communication Telecommunications and ICT, Moustapha Guirassy and the second is the response by the former ICANN Chairman PD Thrush

Mr. President,  

On behalf of the Government of Senegal, I thank you for being kind enough to choose Dakar to welcome the next ICANN meeting.

While am aware of the guarantees required for the holding of such major international meetings in terms of safety and also to have followed the organization of the meeting in Nairobi in 2009, I must indicate that Senegal is a country with a democratic tradition.

Thus, the right to protest is enshrined in the article 10 of our constitution which indicates that everyone has the right to express and disseminate their opinions by speech, writing, images, peaceful march, provided that the exercise of these rights does not affect the honor and consideration of others or public order. (see 

Besides, Senegal is heading towards the presidential elections in 2012. Thus, the people will have to exercise their right to protest. 

It will be for the authorities to ensure that this right be strictly respected. You will concur with me that the publication of some information that can be used by malicious individuals needs to be avoided. 

Having had to welcome major events such as:

-Summit of the Organization of Islamic Conference.
-The Global Symposium for Telecommunications Regulators
 -The International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections ICASA (9000 participants representing 130 countries);
-World Festival of Negro Arts, etc. My Government will ensure that all steps be taken to ensure a resounding success in the organization of the 42nd ICANN public meeting. 

Finally, a confirmation of the choice of Dakar to welcome the next meeting of ICANN, would allow our National Organizing Committee, which is already hard at work, to better approach the final stretch.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Senegal, the country of the Teranga. Please accept, Your Excellency the President of the Board, the assurances of my highest consideration. 

ICANN's Reply
Mr. Moustapha Guirassy
Minister of Communication Telecommunications and ICT Republic of Senegal
58 Boulevard de la Republique Dakar, Senegal

Dear Minister Guirassy:
Thank you for your recent letter regarding ICANN’s 42nd Public Meeting to be held in Dakar,
23-­‐28 October 2011.

On behalf of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), I want to thank the Republic of Senegal for its gracious offer to host our conference.  We are looking forward to experiencing the professionalism in meeting organization and technical execution for which Senegal is well known.

We are aware of Senegalese citizens’ right to peaceful demonstration, and are grateful for your acknowledgement of the need to ensure the safety and security of the ICANN community members, board members and staff who will attend the meeting.  Our security staff and advisors are committed to close cooperation with your government to ensure a positive outcome.

The Dakar meeting is certain to be an important conference for our community, and we
anticipate that important work will be undertaken there.  

I am sure that I speak for the entire ICANN board of directors when I say that we are excited to
be able to visit and enjoy your beautiful country later this year.
 Warmest regards,

Chairman of the Board of Directors 

Peter Dengate Thrush

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