Thursday, July 21, 2011

ICANN Dakar bags a new Gold Sponsor, Siter Domain Dialing

The ICANN Conference for developing countries is just 3 months away and the event has bagged yet another gold sponsor; Siter Domain Dialing. Siter provides to smartphones what computer users take for granted, a domain name. “Domain dialing” is a free service for smartphones designed by, a Brazil-based app designer.

Using Siter’s mobile app, Android, iPhone and Blackberry users can automatically “dial” a domain name rather than struggling through pages and pages of content searching for a phone number. The program calls from a collection of more than 26 million assigned phone numbers worldwide and suggests a number to call based on that company’s web address. Users looking to contact their local Target store, for example, need only type into the Siter program for a list of the best phone numbers based on proximity to their current location. The service works in 11 languages, and is robust in Brazil and growing in the United States and other countries.

For example, if you are looking forward to booking a Kenya Airways flight and you are not sure on who to call to make reservations, you will need to simply "dial" and siter domain dialing will bring you a list of the most relevant phone numbers to call! Now I get it and it's even cooler!

Users will install the app on their phone so that when they looking for contacts of certain business, they simply enter the domain name, anyway, visit the website and discover for yourself; Yes, that's what the world has come to! Apps Planet. I hope someone will design an app that helps me interpret my dreams as I have been having strange ones lately :) I have not yet tested the app because I don't have a smartphone but this is  good for Dakar and the ICANN conference in Africa to be able to attract sponsorship. and such an innovative one,  and fast. This piece of innovation is also coming at a time when the web is undergoing a much bigger innovation in the Top Level domains...domain names will soon be very much a part of our lives!

Such success stories will convince ICANN to hold more meetings in the future on the least connected continent in the world. In other news, the Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade has banned protests in the capital city Dakar; ICANN was worried about protests in Senegal a few months back although these events are not connected.

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