Sunday, July 10, 2011

South Sudan Domains: Pay day for the domain owners of

South Sudan has become the world’s newest nation, after breaking away from Sudan.
Which can only mean one thing: domain registration frenzy. Or does it?

In fact, has been registered since 2003 and so are most other TLDs, such as .net, .org, .info etc.

Owning a country name in .com is always a trump card and such domain names can become very valuable, especially those of larger countries.
Unfortunately, is essentially parked, displaying eNom’s infamous “backpack girl”, also known as “eNom girl.”

The official name of the newest nation in the world is “Republic of South Sudan” – this is also taken in most major TLDs since 2010.

So far there is no indication about what the ISO 3166 code for South Sudan will be, which determines its official ccTLD.

The Sudan country code is SD. Let’s hope that the code for South Sudan won’t be used as an “opportunity TLD” like .so for Somalia or .cm for Cameroon.

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