Friday, July 13, 2012

Is Interest in Angola Fueling a Boom in Angolan Domains?

It is “boom boom” time for the Angolan economy but has this fast growth influenced the growth in the registration of Angolan domains? It is hard to tell at this time. The Angolan ccTLD registry for the .AO domains has a good technical foundation but the domains are fairly overpriced. The last time I checked, registering a .AO domain could set you back over $250 or thereabouts per year. Yet those who live in Angola are a not surprised. They are more or less used to paying the eye wateringly expensive prices for just about anything. A good accommodation in a good hotel in Angolan capital of Luanda costs between $400 to $600 per night. An “average” lunch in Luanda goes for about $70. A good dinner can go for as much as $100 while a 500ml soda costs anywhere from $8 to $10. The Angolan capital Luanda is the second most expensive city in the world after Tokyo. So why should the domains be cheap?

I think given the relatively tiny size of the Angolan middle class and the very few internet entrepreneurs coupled with a small or nonexistent SME sector, domains do not make much sense for the vast majority of the Angolan people. Like everything else that is costly in Luanda, it is the multinationals and the small Angolan middle class who can afford such costs. So I don’t think we can expect to see Angolan domainers soon. But there are opportunities for those interested in developing content targeting the Angolan market.

For example, most of the information about Angola is in Portuguese and there is very little Angolan content on the web in English apart from the usual boring stuff about the President’s daughter and the Angolan economic boom.  Given the boom in real estate and investments and the stream of high networth individuals that are currently developing an interest in the former war torn country turned an African economic powerhouse, there are lots of interesting niches that could prove profitable. Of course they will have to be developed on .COM domains, no one will spend an upwards of $250 purchasing .AO domains. So here are good prospects:
Cheap Angolan Accommodation
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Flights to Luanda
Budget Travel Angola
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Plus much more.

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