Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Domain Parking Does not Work, Start Developing your Domains

If you are not part of the "Domain Elite" you probably know what am talking about; you just started domaining, hand-registered some "great" domains that you found through services like Value Drops and quickly parked your domain name on Sedo. After two months of waiting patiently, you realize that your domain just had 17 hits and zero clicks! What!! How will you even break even and recover the $7.49 you spent on GoDaddy buying your domains? You realize you are headed for some serious losses.

The truth is that you won't. Domain Parking is dead. There is a small group of domainers who earn good cash parking their domains but it's a very small and exclusive group and they were the early birds; and the great sales you see, it's almost exclusively amongst themselves. So is domaining closed to the newbies? Not at all. There's a plan B, but you must be willing to put in tremendous effort to realize it.

Plan B is developing your domain names. It's tough but very rewarding. You have to work your ass off in the first 6 months in order to build a sustainable income. If you can generate 1000 unique and useful articles per month in the first 6 months in a particular niche without repeating yourself often, then you are en route to a sustainable online income. Build and they will come. Write short and useful articles optimized for a keyword of your choice. Promote your articles on social media, submit your url to search engines, do a lot of link building, at least 10 links per day and you are headed for financial independence. The gold is there for the taking but you must be willing to bear the long trek. In online ventures, there are no get rich quick schemes, build and they will inevitably come!

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