Thursday, September 15, 2011 Launches Deals

I just received an email from Teresa Clarke, Chairman & CEO of . The Website has launched the long awaited Deals . I have been looking forward to this for a long time since it's one of the monetization models adopted by the website but to be honest it has turned out to be a little bit of an anti-climax.

Social Buying
The Organization is employing the Group Buying model which has been catching up lately where a deal pops up and when enough people sign up to purchase it, then the deal is theirs. The phenomenon is quite popular in South Africa with websites such as Ubuntudeal, Dealio, 24HoursOnly, OneDayOnly, Wiscount, SaleWine offering Group Buying business models. I was hoping they could expand this into the online deal buying model currently employed by some of South Africa's most trafficked websites, maybe a more "individualistic" model. What I was wishing for was something like Daddy's Deals, City Slicker with a full fledged affiliate program for those wishing to place banners on their websites like me :( can also expand the model to cover restaurants, beauty salons, spas, gyms, entertainment, car hire etc by partnering with local enterprises in cities like Cape Town, Joburg, Nairobi, Lagos, Abuja, Accra, Addis etc.

The organization will be sending out emails to subscribers "announcing limited-time offers for phenomenal deals. If enough people sign up, the deal is theirs!" Some of the proceeds will be used to fund a designated African charity. While this is a noble idea, I believe the program could be expanded with daily deals from several African countries complete with an affiliate program with best deals going to the early birds. This will raise more revenue to fund several African charities :)

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