Thursday, September 15, 2011

Domain Industry Uganda: Register .UG Uganda Domain Names

The Ugandan domain name registry is managed by Computer Frontiers International, a local subsidiary of the parent company Computer Frontiers International based in Maryland, United States. The local subsidiary is owned by Charles Musisi . All Ugandan domain names can be registered via the Uganda Registry Website .

The .UG Registry will soon sell domains via Accredited Registrars in a Registry/Registrar separation in the Ugandan Domain name market but currently, all .UG domains are to be purchased from the Registry Operator. The registration/administration policies of the .UG namespace are not available on the website(coming soon) but I understand the namespace is unrestricted. So far, about 1700 domain names have been registered in the .UG namespace

CFI oversees the management of the Ugandan domain name registry. Domain registrations may be made at second level or at third level beneath various second level labels. Some of the second level domains include the following:

  •    Domain for higher education institutions.
  •   Domain for those involved in commercial activities.
  •   Domain for government agencies and groups working for the government.
  •   Domain for companies involved with network providers or distributing network provisions.
  •    Domain used for other non governmental organisations.
  •  Domain used for non-profits
  •    Domain for lower education sectors such as primary and secondary schools.

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