Friday, September 23, 2011

DotConnectAfrica's Commentary to Mr. David Goldstein

by David Goldstein:

Dear Mr. David Goldstein,

After our attention was drawn to the inaccurate portrayals contained in your blogged posted article: ‘Organizations vying for .Africa Advance their cases’, we had directly raised issues with the article which we had communicated to you. We are again re-stating those issues for your benefit.

First, we believe you have taken materials from existing Internet media content and recycle it which made it impossible for you to cover the issue from an analytical view point.

Second, your article lacks balance since you have not shown how DCA has advanced its case on DotAfrica.   It would seem to any reader that you managed to portray the views of the ARC representative by restating statements that have been attributed to him.   You devoted about ten (10) paragraphs in your article to ARC whilst the only sentence written in relation to DCA is not only irrelevant to DotAfrica, but also a 'contextual mismatch' with the subject matter of your article. DCA fails to see how a Forbes Magazine Article that selects Njeri Rionge as one of ‘Africa’s Successful Women’ qualifies as advancing our case on DotAfrica.  Whilst Njeri Rionge’s individual achievement is indeed laudable, and DCA is proud of the association, but our case for DotAfrica as proposer and main long-term promoter of the Yes2DotAfrica Campaign cannot be anchored on the Forbes magazine article.

We therefore believe that you have deliberately written your blog to promote only the views of the ARC representative and not to ensure journalistic balance and integrity. Whilst DCA frowns upon any form of ‘uninspired writing’ in Internet blogs’, we also believe that this is highly unethical on your part, since a more accurate and balanced portrayal of DCA’s intentions on DotAfrica would have better served the purpose of your article for the benefit of your readers.

We hope you will post this rejoinder on your blog, since ‘comments’ are closed through the web site where the article appeared. 

However, since we first conveyed our concerns privately to  you,  we note that you flatly refused to post our rejoinder, but even so, used the opportunity of your reaction to further confirm and convey your existing biases thereby outraging DCA further.  Even though we believe that you have 'neither lot nor portion' in the matter of DotAfrica; by making a rather subjective judgment as to who the African Internet Community is supporting or not supporting, your partisan posturing against DCA eerily suggests to us that you are probably in the pay of DCA's opponents or in ardent opposition to DCA for reasons best known to you.  DCA remains concerned of this adversarial posturing on your part. even so, you have not shown any proof in your blog that ARC has managed to garner any credible community support for its stale campaign for the DotAfrica gTLD initiative that DCA has already been endorsed for by many important organizations and governments.

Accordingly, we hereby serve notice that any further unwarranted aggravation from you will be viewed more seriously and would advise you to cease and desist from any tendentious piece of blogging activity that is aimed at misrepresenting or undermining DCA's Yes2DotAfirca Campaign before global publics.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Kamanzi
For DotConnectAfrica

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