Monday, September 5, 2011

Ethio Telecom: The ISP which does not use the internet

I have just read an interesting post from an Ethiopian blog, Eweket, about Ethio Telecom and its lack of web savvy. The Telecom's website is most of the time down and it does not have a presence in any social media platform. The blogger attributes this to Ethiopia's reclusive nature, nation that has closed itself to the world for most of its history.

Earlier on this blog, we had also wrote about how Ethiopia has some of the most expensive ccTLD Domains in the world!! No average Ethiopian can afford a .et Ethiopian Domain name. Not even small businesses, so how are Ethiopians going to express their identity on the internet?

Writes the blogger:

As many people agreed, and the Ethiopian history clearly showed that most of current economical and social problems came from closing the nation from the outside world. The kings at that time were busy with much external interference and couldn’t do much except closing the borders and guarding the country. This was the best idea at that time that Ethiopia had many enemies who wanted to take its resources. Though, the result is rather poverty and backwardness. The way, Ethiopia closed itself from the world; the world closed itself from Ethiopia – sad story!

I am afraid to tell you this, but it is still happening. The world is moving so fast with information technologies, telecommunications and innovations. Ethiopia still closed itself from the external world – thanks to Ethio telecom! The result is rather the same.
More poverty. More backwardness.

Read the Full Blog: Ethio Telecom: The Internet Service Provider which does not use internet

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