Thursday, September 15, 2011

KENIC to Slash .KE Domain Name Prices by upto 50%

KENIC might soon slash the price of the .KE domain name prices by up to 50% to give more people access to the .KE namespace, we have reliably learned. Currently .KE domain names cost about Ksh.2900($35) and while this might be considered cheap when compared to other African ccTLDs(Angola's .ao and Ethiopia's .et cost as much as $300), it has met with stiff opposition from the local internet players and has rendered the .KE namespace uncompetitive as more Kenyans opt for gTLD domain names like .com .org .net etc. The 50% price reduction might bring Kenyan ccTLD domain name prices to around $17-$20 making .KE one of the most affordable ccTLDs in Africa and the world!

With .KEs now within the same price range as gTLDs, it rules out price as a deciding factor when choosing between TLDs. Maybe Kenyans will have to consider other factors but price will soon be out of the equation. If this materializes, customers and Domainers in Kenya and beyond will now look at .KE as a viable option for their online presence and Kenyan identity without worrying about the price of the domain name.

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  1. Why do yu keep drumming support for Domain names while yourself are still using free cyber space and email address ?
    Dont they say you lead by example?
    Any way, you will get there once the domain names drop prices..we are waiting too.

  2. @Anonymous I do not use "free cyberspace"; I have faithfully paid for 43 domain names in .com, .org, .co and .info TLD namespaces this year, many of which are listed on Sedo but some of which I have reserved and plan to develop later in the year. It's common to use .blogspot and .wordpress to blog since they rank faster and I reach my target audience. I will obviously invest in .KE domains when they become more affordable to Kenyan users. theyv should price the domains for what they are worth. So your accusation of "free cyberspace" is very unfair :)