Friday, September 9, 2011

Top Webhosting Companies in Senegal

Registering Senegalese Domains: Senegal is of course one of the major emerging information societies in Africa and also hosts one of Africa’s four ICANN accredited registrars,  NIC Senegal, hosted by Universite Chelkh Anta Diop Dakar has been operating the .sn ccTLD since 1992.

Domains in the .SN ccTLD namespace can be registered by sending an application via post or email to the the university (this was an old method of managing ccTLD registry operations in Africa and much of the developing world, whereby the registry was put under the trusteeship of a national University’s Computer Engineering or Physics Department. In some cases, like that of Puerto Rico’s .PR, the results have been catastrophic for the nations) . In spite of Hosting one of the few ICANN accredited registrars in Africa, Senegalese ccTLD namespace is still not as developed as that of Kenya and South Africa.

Domains can be registered in the third level under the following second level domains:
·  ORG.SN, organizations or associations;
·  COM.SN, commercial organism;
·  ART.SN, business culture;
·  EDU.SN, education institutions and vocational training
·  PERSO.SN, individuals

I have seen so domain registrations must be available in the first level, but I will inquire further on this since I cannot understand French.

Stats on Domains registrations or real-time reporting on domain registrations is nonexistent. The Catalogue of the top webhosting companies in Senegal includes the following:

Hosting Company
Market Share
Total Domains
46.7638 %
13.9159 %
8.7379 %
Senegal will also be the capital of the internet in October as it hosts an ICANN meeting for the first time! Good luck to the Senegalese during the ICANN meeting.

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