Thursday, October 27, 2011


Siter Domain Dialing has signed a contract with Nigeria Internet Registration Association to Offer its innovative domain  dialing service to more than 25,000 websites in Nigeria.The  contract will bring smartphone-based service to more than 25,000 websites.

 DAKAR, Senegal (October 26, 2011) --- Siter, LLC announced it has signed a new contract to offer its unique “domain dialing” service to the over 25,000 domain names affiliated with .NG, the official domain name registry for Nigeria.  The announcement was made this week as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) meets in Dakar, Senegal to discuss the expansion of the Internet throughout Africa.

Domain dialing is a new concept provided via Siter - a free application for smartphones, whereby users can “dial” a domain instead of searching for or trying to remember a domain’s phone number.  The app also uses geolocation, customizing results to connect users to the company’s locations closest to wherever the user is.

“Smartphone usage is huge in Nigeria, with almost 5 million users nationally” said Ope Odusan, chief operating officer of Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), which controls the .NG top-level domain. “Siter’s domain dialing is a natural fit for our businesses and we’re pleased to incorporate it into our offerings to people interested in .NG domains.”

The partnership, which will provide new and existing .NG users free access to update their company’s listings in Siter’s systems, will be official and go live at the end of 2011.

“Domain dialing provides a new way for businesses using .NG to connect to smartphone users around the world,” said Ricardo Vaz Monteiro, chief operating officer and co-founder of Siter.  “People who understand domain naming are excited to hear about how services like Siter can help them maximize the value of their domain names.”

Siter is based in Brazil, and has successfully included more than 25 million phone numbers into its system.  The free app is available for iPhone, Android, and most Blackberry devices.
For additional information on Siter, including details on how domain name registrants can use domain dialing, visit:  For additional information on the Nigeria Internet Registration Association, visit:

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