Monday, October 31, 2011

Fear Losing your laptop? Install this free laptop Tracking Application to track the thief.

If you live in Nairobi and own a laptop, know that you are an instant prey. The hunters are on the sprawl  waiting for you to let your guard down; they use every trick in the book, from violence and intimidation to drugs and treachery. Laptop theft has been so common in Nairobi that hardly a week or two passes without hearing of a friend or someone I know losing a laptop.

The new laptop thief am told is not the rugged looking youth but a "respectable-looking" man, some low life probably in his mid forties. They wear some cheap suits am told. Some middle aged women are also involved in this increasingly popular vice. One moment, and there your laptop is gone, with 50GB of very important data. But now there's an app for that! Ironically, it's called prey and it basically turns the thief who stole from you into a prey while you become the hunter.

Prey is a laptop tracking application. There are several things this tracking application does. The first thing it does is to register your computer details with an online server so you can still access your laptop when it is online. If your laptop is stolen suddenly you will be able to login to the laptop tracking application website on the internet to report it stolen, the website will then automatically activate the software tracking features, and tell you the location of the laptop. I recently installed the laptop tracking application, Prey, it has a lot more features that I love, and one such feature is that it can also use the Webcam of a laptop to take pictures of the person using it. That way, if someone decides to steal your laptop you will easily find out who the person is.

Another app you can use to effectively catch a laptop predator is BackBlaze.
Remember that buying a stolen laptop makes you just as guilty as the thief.

To understand the power of laptop tracking software, you have to watch this video: Don't Steal Computers from people who know how to use Computers

and read this story: Don't steal Computers from people who know how to use computers.

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