Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting Personal: Would you prefer .ME or .ME.KE

Would you Love to get Personal with .ME?

No doubt, .me is one of the coolest sounding domain extensions on the web! .ME is also the country code top level domain name for Montenegro, which like many other nifty ccTLDs has been rebranded into a TLD for "ME" blogs and websites; which means the blog or online sphere is all about "me." Me rules. It's all about personal websites, photos, Facebook profiles, online resumes, LinkedIn profiles, personal blogs, personal adventure blogs and so forth . ccTLD rebranding has even seen Laos' .LA being offered as the domain for Los Angeles in the past so it's not something new.
I have been contemplating acquiring a .me domain name for my personal blog which is not this blog; but just when I was about to acquire I realized that also exists and I'm now torn apart again! .ME is short and nifty and nice sounding but .ME.KE has added an extra string but it's Kenyan.

KENIC launched the in 2009 to increase the uptake of domain names in the .ke namespace and in spite of its relatively affordable price at Ksh.580 compared to which can go as high as Ksh.4000 with some crazy registrars, it has not enjoyed great success with only a meager 196 domains registered.  This is not say that pricing is not an issue in the uptake of .ke domains; Kenyans want domains and they want it at an  affordable price. As for Now should I take the money to Montenegro or should we keep the cash here in Kenya? I will decide on that in the next 24 hours.

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