Sunday, October 16, 2011

ICANN Meeting in Dakar: AFNIC to reveal its technical offer for new gTLD Applicants

This was bound to happen, AFNIC was not going to resists the new gTLD wave for long and now the French Registry has announced it will unveil its new gTLD registry services offering during the ICANN meeting in Dakar. AFNIC is not the only ccTLD registry to enter the new gTLD bandwagon, remember Austria's NIC.AT ? Reports

Most of these ccTLD registries have been preparing for a longtime and Afnic and NIC AT are no strangers to the gTLD program.

NIC AT already scored a few deals to provide the backend for some geo city gTLD's and it is just a matter of time that Afnic announces a few deals also. DOT PARIS perhaps ?

Why should gTLD applicants consider choosing Afnic or NIC AT as their partner ?
In my opinion there is only one answer and that is country laws.
The heat is on in the USA due to all kinda controversial acts and bills and pressure groups.
So the cost of operating your gTLD should not be a deciding factor it should be based on how liable you are going to be. What are the dangers ? Those questions are prime questions and in the long run a deciding factor.

Otherwise here is the PR from the busy guys at AFNIC:

At the 42nd ICANN meeting, AFNIC will reveal its special technical offer for applicants wishing to obtain new gTLDs.

 The 42nd ICANN meeting will be held in Dakar, Senegal, from 23 to 28 October this year. The schedule for creating new extensions will be a central issue of the discussions. The latest version of the Applicant Guidebook was published on 19 September, and has been backed by an information campaign on the subject. A website for applicants is now online A large number of companies and local authorities have already taken their decision and are actively preparing their applications. The eagerly expected publication by ICANN of additional information will provide the final input for decision-making by the market players who have yet to position themselves. Applicants for the new extensions now have less than 100 days to complete their applications, which must be submitted to ICANN between 12 January and 12 April 2012. To date, no specific new application period has been foreseen by ICANN.

AFNIC will be present at the 42nd ICANN meeting in order to provide applicants with the best possible support, and will reveal the details of its technical offer for the operators of new gTLDs. The meeting will allow applicants for the new gTLD to discuss with a provider of technical solutions and services with a proven track record in providing support, backed by its network of experts in setting up new extensions.

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