Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Upperlink is Nigeria's Registrar of the Month for the second time

Nigeria's domain registrar Upperlink has once gain emerged as the Registrar of the month for the second month running. The Registrar of the Month award was instituted by Nigeria Internet Registration Association, the nation's domain registry to reward the country's registrars for good performance in terms of domain registrations. A good incentive that can be used elsewhere to promote domain business in Africa.

Registrars who register the highest number of .NG domains get the award. In August, Upperlink won the award after registering 230 domains; Nairahost was second with 64 .NG domain registrations while Websoft was third with 55 domains registered.

For the month of September, Upperlink has emerged top again with with 419 .NG domain names registered, followed by Nairahost at 99 .NG domains and Websoft at 79 domains. Skannet is fourth with 52 domains registered. It seems that NIRA's switch to .NG has yielded some fantastic results with an increase in number of domains registered in .NG namespace for the month of September.

This award has also clearly marked out the biggest players in Nigerian domain industry as Upperlink, Nairahost and Websoft.

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