Thursday, November 3, 2011

25 Jahre .de: DENIC Celebrates 25 years of .DE

.FR registry AFNIC just celebrated it's 25 anniversary recently and now .DE turns 25. On 5 November,the .DE TLD will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its launch .25 years ago,on 5 November 1986 ,when the .DE TLD was included in the official list of IANA . Since then, there have been more than 14,6 million .DE domain names and about 3,000 new .DE domains are added every day .Moreover, .DE holds the first rank among the ccTLDs,followed by .UK and .NL.

Reads the Press Release:
Three characters marked the emergence of the information society in Germany 25 years ago: About 100,000 times per second an Internet address ending with .de is called up from somewhere in the world. Today, there are more than 14.6 million such addresses, and about 3,000 new ones are added every day. Dimensions that go beyond the imagination of even the most visionary Internet pioneer and that have fundamentally changed social and economic communication habits within only a quarter of a century.

 Indeed .DE has been quite a phenomenon, the most successful ccTLD ever. With over 14.6 million domains registered in the namespace, DENIC has outperformed its peers by a huge factor. .AFNIC has jsut over 2 million domains under .FR, Japan's .jp just over 1 million, Poland's .pl just over 2 million and United States' .us just under 3 million.

Of course as you might know, in 1986 there were two Germanys, the Federal republic(Western Germany) with the ISO3166 code .de and the German Democratic Republic, the DDR(West Germany) with the ISO 3166 code .dd . However .dd was never put into much use and with the reunification of Germany in 1990 and the growth of the internet in the country, .de remained as the ccTLD of the reunified Germany.

 DENIC, organized as a German Cooperative with 280 members, took the management of the ccTLD in 1996 and since then, it has been unstoppable. During the last fifteen years, DENIC has registered more than 14 million domains. Moreover, it has established and operated a reliable and secure infrastructure. .DE is now regarded as the TLD with the best brand image.

So while AFNIC had organized colourful celebrations under the Eiffel Tower for "25 Ans .FR" , the true Celebrations should be under the Brandenburg gate for the 25 Jahre .DE. Happy Birthday to .DE!
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