Friday, November 11, 2011

The .COM Entrepreneur: Building the Internet Business Block by Block

Well my dream of becoming a full time online/internet entrepreneur is still on full course but it seems I might need another three years to make it a reality. One of the first things that you need to come to terms with on your way to become one is to realize that it cannot be done overnight. You must put years of work and sweat into continuously improving your online offering.

Keep to the knitting and be patient. What matters is continuous quality improvement in your product, be it a blog, social networking site, eCommerce website, media website etc. Millions of websites are launched on the world wide web every year. You must therefore differentiate your product by building quality and trust and loyal readership. Your loyal readers will help you weather the storm and eventually strike gold.

There's nothing like get rich quick in the internet business, everything must be built painstakingly. Block by block. Article by article. Tweak by tweak.

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