Saturday, November 5, 2011

How many hours do you sleep? Does the internet affect your sleep pattern?

"Sleep, it's the simplest thing to do, but no one.................." Remarque

Sleepless night :(
As a teenager, i struggled with my Dad on my sleep pattern. Or rather hours. Back then I used to sleep about 10 hours a day; my mum found excuses for me, mums know best about their sons. So my sleep "problem" was never solved.

As a young adult in my mid 20s, I have different kind of sleep problems: I rarely sleep. I force myself to "sleep" but even then, my eyes close only lightly and my brain is very much at work and aware! In my teens, I used to slip into "Alice in Wonderland" 5 minutes after pulling the blanket over my head, in my twenties it takes me almost two hours to "find" sleep. I know I spend lots of time, reading, worrying, analyzing, thinking and writing plus i spend hours and hours on the internet. Could this be the problem? How long do you use the internet in a day and how many hours do you sleep afterwards? I think there might a correlation; maybe some therapist can help me connect the dots or even prescribe something :(

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