Wednesday, November 2, 2011 :Google Getting Indian Businesses Online India Please get Your Business Online!

Same script, different countries. The Google get Online Campaign has now entered India with the "India get Your Business Online" launching today. India is the 19th country in the world to have had a Google "Get Online" service for SMEs. Just over a month ago, the Kenyan version "Kenya get Your Business Online" hosted on the domain was launched to serve the Kenyan SMEs and in my humble opinion, it has been a smashing success! You can view the just launched Indian version website here  As you can see, they are quite similar but with, users will actually get a chance to register a .in domain name in the second level!

Indian SMEs will get a  website, .in domain name, website hosting, and email free for 1 year. If they love it, they can keep the website after that for a discounted custom renewal plan. And they are free to cancel at any time.

The campaigns, targeting high growth, high-potential internet markets, not only allow SMEs to have an online presence, they also promote the local ccTLDs since all the "Get Online" websites are hosted on country code top level domains. It's estimated that out of India's 8 million SMEs, only about 400,000 have websites! So the remaining 7.6million Indian SMEs in the dark have a real opportunity now to get their businesses online.

This campaign has been done in partnership with American web hosting company Hostgator which will provide both hosting and support.

Domain Registrars in India should worry but to Indian web designers worried about losing out in web design jobs, this is not your market. I will give you the same advice I gave apprehensive Kenyan web designer friends:

The service that is offering does not compete with any professional web design / development individual/agency's offering in India and any web designer worth their salt clearly understands that. It does not replace the robustness of Joomla or Drupal with all the flexibility and extensions and modules.

The site-builder service is designed to be quick, simple and easy to use.  It will generate a basic functional website that is hopefully aesthetically pleasing. From what I see, most of them aren't that pleasing. But it's not aimed at replacing the kind of work that a skilled designer would do for a business in India. So my friends, you are still in business.

Some of the Google Get Online Initiatives already launched in various countries include:
Nigeria:                  Get Nigerian Business Online
Ireland:                  Get Irish Business Online
Australia:               Getting Aussie Business Online
United Kingdom:   Getting British Business Online
Canada                 Canada Get Your Business Online

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