Sunday, November 6, 2011

Insight from GMO Internet: A Formidable Reason to Invest on the web

An industry that won't disappear

Reading an insight from GMO Internet Group CEO Masatoshi Kumagai should be a convincing argument to keep investing on the internet, be it domains, new gTLDs, web hosting, domain reseller business, ecommerce websites etc. What is important is that you find what works and keep to the knitting...
An industry that won't disappear
The Internet industry will continue to exist indefinitely. Take the example of the automobile industry. People get a new car about once every four years. However, even when cars change, the need for roads, traffic lights, parking lots, toll booths and other infrastructure remains. Imagine websites as the cars, ISP services as the roads, domains as the traffic signals, rental servers as the parking lots and payment processing as the toll booths. As long as the Internet continues to exist so will our business.

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  1. "The Internet industry will continue to exist indefinitely." Great quote