Wednesday, November 23, 2011

KENIC Offering free .ME.KE Domains in Promotion!

A few weeks ago, I was contemplating acquiring a .me vs a domain but I never made the decision. Well I might soon have a :) . I love the power of vanity domains in personal branding. It shows am serious about myself, why else would I go all the way to register my name as a domain name? I can also put my entire online experience through a by integrating all my personal profiles under a portal. It's my personal space online.

I'm also for domain promotions by registries as a way of offering users something fresh and to raise the interest in the registry. One of the advantages ICANN Accredited registrars enjoy is that they can get price advantages and marketing incentives that improve uptake of the domains in the registry. The best time to offer promotions is when we are approaching festive seasons and special offers and gifts become a way of life.

Yesterday KENIC offered 5 free domains in a small Facebook promotion aimed at raising the interest and profile of the .ME.KE second level domains normally used for personal branding online. It's a small gesture but one in the right direction IMHO. This SLD has been the worst performing with just about 232 domains registered in the SLD namespace out of the total 19,379 .ke domains in spite of the fact that until a few weeks go, the price for a was just Ksh.500($5) as opposed to a minimum of Ksh.2320 for and the rest of the SLDs . That's quite dismal! Why is not selling? Perhaps KENIC should also get celebs to acquire domains for personal and professional branding. By some twisted logic, people always do what celebrities do.

According to KENIC marketing manager, Okova Waswa, with domains, "one can receive emails and also post their projects being undertaken, family pictures, birthday events important event highlights much the same way they use the face book etc, receive mail through the domain".  The free domains also come with an email and website in a promotion that has been done in partnership with one of the KENIC Accredited registrars. It must be late but if you are interested in a free send your name and email to waswa[at] for consideration. You could be a lucky one!

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