Wednesday, November 2, 2011

.PS ccTLD for Peace: On the Internet, Palestine is already an Independent Territory

Like all Palestinian issues, this blog article will be 1% domain "news" and 99% politics.

Having driven the US from the UNESCO, Palestine is on a diplomatic offensive to enter 16 other United Nation's agencies including WHO and IAEA in the next few months. The IAEA move seems especially quite strategic. Will the US be consistent and quit the IAEA after Palestinian accession thus giving Iran the much needed breathing space? Even Israelis, ever smart and strategic in the pursuit of their interests, have not shown any intention of quitting UNESCO, in fact they plan to entrench their involvement in the organization in the near future. But American politicians, due to their dumb knife and dagger politics, like to portray themselves as more pro Israelis than the Israelis themselves! Talk about people being "more Catholic than the Pope"

For an American politician, giving the loud and empty public expression of love for "our friend" Israel is the first qualification in the bid for a career at the Capitol Hill.

It remains to be seen if the US is planning to quit these 16 important UN agencies too and cut funding. Most analysts agree that the US made a very dumb (although in reputable newspapers, the word dumb has been replaced with "unethical". On this blog, the buck stops with me...) reaction after Palestine's accession to UNESCO!

I must note that Palestine has added some elegant diplomacy of late in its quest for statehood, some touch of diplomatic finesse. Palestine is making global powers take note as it plays its diplomatic cards. Take a closer look at the current crop of PLO leaders, it seems to me like one of them is a reincarnation of Bismarck!

Now back to domains(I warned you!). Palestine has had a ccTLD domain .PS since 2003 when it was delegated by ICANN after (you guessed it) 3 years of strenuous, extremely very difficult negotiations with the US Department of Commerce. If Palestinians don't have a state, they have one on the internet. The internet is always one click ahead! Last year .FALASTEEN(Palestine in Arabic) IDN was launched.

.PS and its IDN equivalent .FALASTEEN is an open ccTLD and open to all global internet users. Even an Israeli can register a .PS. , truly the ccTLD for Peace!

Register your .PS today: Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority

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