Sunday, November 13, 2011

Transport Canada website commemorating 100 years of flight now showing Turkish porn

I'm someone who likes reading in between the lines on "sensational" stories . While all news channels avoided(for a good reason) linking the URL of the website in question to avoid making this lucky and unethical guy richer, a quick Google search tells me that this is the domain in question since the meta data still shows the  previous content that was hosted on the domain, I guess as recently as a few days ago.

This is someone who knew about the historical value of the domain and the content therein to Canadian users, especially those passionate about aviation, and it takes a real douchebag to turn such a domain into a tool for quick cash, with porn links.

It seems the domain is now parked with and shows mainly aviation related contextual advertising links. This is a greedy guy who struck gold and to an extent, he's only half guilty. Someone at the Canadian Federal Transport department/agency simply did not do their homework well. How can such a valuable domain which hosted historical  content be left to expire? Companies should always go  for long term registration of domains for even up to 10 years so that they do not have to worry about an intern or careless employee letting a domain like this expire and fall into the hands of the vultures looking for ways to cash in out of internet users' miseries.

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