Sunday, November 27, 2011

Watch Out for Cyber Monday Domain and Hosting Offers!!!

Bargain Hunting for Hosting and Domain Offers? Watch out for Cyber Monday

According to Wikipedia, "Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday immediately following Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States" when Americans go on a shopping craze.

But the internet has made the world much flatter and it's not only the Americans who enjoy the privileges of Black Friday Offers and Cyber Monday from the American retailers but the global internet market. Given the global reach of American businesses especially the tech businesses in the Domain industry, many people outside the US will have a chance to grab bargain offers on Monday, the Cyber Monday. has already promised hot domain offers on Monday but I will be waiting for alerts on my email from more registrars offering domain and hosting offers. Namecheap will also be offering limited time domains for $0.99 , great if you have good bandwidth.I think the November/December months are the best months to purchase your domains and hosting given the never ending red hot offers.

The Cyber Monday has been clouded by some high profile Domain seizures targeting websites selling or streaming pirated or counterfeit merchandise by US authorities but this will  not deter me from grabbing several cheap domains from some of the biggest US Registrars. US stores raked in 52 billion dollars in sales on Black Friday, and on Monday some 76 million Americans are expected to spend $1.2 billion shopping online. They will be joined by one Kenyan :) or maybe more....

CAUTION: Watch out for fake websites, scams and malware. Cybercriminals are also preparing for Cyber Monday.... This website should help you determine if a business is legitimate:

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