Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why 1&1 Offers the best Web Hosting Package

When it comes to web hosting, I rarely go along with Kenyan web hosts after a very nasty experience last year. I go International, after all, quality of service and how a service provider responds to my needs comes first to me before "patriotism".

Shopping for a web hosting partner is one of the toughest jobs for a web designer or internet entrepreneur. It's about balancing your costs and quality of service, you would like a webhost that meets your needs not just when it comes to bandwidth requirements but also the availability of unlimited addons and services bundled together with the hosting package. Plus top of the notch customer service. As late as 3 weeks ago, I was hosting my website with until the offer expired recently. When I saw the cost of renewal, of both the domain and webhosting package, my mind was made up.

BlueHost Ridiculously Expensive!
Last year BlueHost was offering an all in one bundled webhosting package for about $6.95 per month($83 per year), something I thought was quite cheap since it gave me unlimited bandwidth, Simple Scripts and other applications and one-click installs, unlimited subdomains, free emails plus much more goodies there in the cPanel. I love a rich cPanel that allows me to extend my creativity and offer users top of the notch services via my websites. When my domain and hosting expired and BlueHost told me my renewal cost would be $8.95 per month plus $10 for domain(a total of $117), I realized I had seen enough. Since I had backed up my files, I decided to change web hosts instantly!

Hostgator and false promises

Hostgator is actually not cheap. For one year registration, the best you can get from Hostgator is $5.56 per month or $66.72 per year. The good thing is that this comes with lots of frills including one click installs, unlimited emails which is cool. But $66 is still quite costly especially if I can get webhosting in Kenya for $30.

GoDaddy does not get webhosting

GoDaddy is very good at selling domains at low cost but when it comes to Webhosting, GoDaddy just does't get it. Apart from the cost, GoDaddy's charges you per email hosted! Your costs will run into over $100 if you host your website plus at least 5 other emails. Too costly for a small organization!

1&1 Internet Gets Webhosting!

1&1 currently offers a $41 per year webhosting package accompanied by a free domain name, 500 free email accounts, unlimited access to over 65 Click and Build Applications(1000s of Joomla, Wordpress templates and galleries), free mobile website editing software plus more all for just $41 per year! This is true value. I also forgot to add the intuitive and user friendly website and ecommerce interface! (One drawback is that it takes hours for the order to be processed). In the end no one is perfect but 1&1 offers something fresh, rich and affordable. Click the banner below to access best web offers on 1&1:

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