Monday, December 12, 2011

Become an Online Writer, earn an extra $200 this month

What will you do with your affordable broadband?
Many people in Africa have been curious on how to leverage the internet with the new low cost of broadband in some countries to make money online. Unfortunately, many will follow the easy route of "Make Money Online Quick"schemes(scams to be more accurate) or Get Rich Quick schemes without investing substantial time or resources to realize those dreams. You can make money blogging but you must understand how to do it and create a blogging road map.

The people who make money blogging choose the right niche, are very prolific and provide useful information that readers want and which keep readers coming back for more information. Apart from being quite prolific and adhering to high standards in terms of quality well researched articles(if there was an ISO certification for articles, then your articles must be of such high standard that they could pass an ISO Certification :) ); the rich bloggers also spend a good deal of time constantly optimizing their content, submitting the content to search engines, social media channels, social bookmarking websites, building mailinglists, linkbuilding and creating a loyal user base. Normally, it takes them a year or two and then the blog simply takes off. But they keep to the knitting, they don't stop even when the blog business is roping in 1000s of dollars. Those are the true bloggers I know; they are masters of their domain. You need lots of passion for your subject to excel in this.

If you cannot do this, there is a surefire way to still earn a living online by becoming  paid online writer or online helper, especially if you are a good writer and you know about the various referencing styles, which are easy to master anyway. Normally, you can earn as much $10 per page writing research papers, assignments, essays, articles and much more but you have to be very disciplined and deliver work on time. Here are some  of the websites online where you can earn money by writing and helping people from around the world with their academic work:
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