Sunday, December 11, 2011

Google Celebrating Jamhuri Day in Style

Google is celebrating Jamhuri Day in style, have a look at the doodle below. In fact I had no idea it was Jamhuri day until I logged onto Google to search for some information when I noticed the Kenyan Court of Arms. Wow, Google is even more patriotic than me I guess. But am happy for another day spent indoors or visiting family :)

Jamhuri day is celebrated to commemorate the establishment of Kenya as a republic on this day in 1964. In 1964, Kenya was a very hopeful nation, with an economy almost equal to that of South Korea; Indians immigrated from the poor subcontinent to realize their dreams in Kenya, a tolerant, progressive African nation; a well educated generation of Kenyans was returning home to build their country, including Barack Obama Snr ...but then we lost our way, inevitably.

Growing under a dictatorship as a young kid and until I was 18 in 2003 when "democracy" set in, we were amongst  the last most patriotic and disciplined kids I think, the last of the mohicans. I could sing the three stanzas of country's national anthem in English and Kiswahili and recite the loyalty creed. It went something like this "I pledge my loyalty to the .....and the President of  Kenya.......Nyayo Philosophy". I cant even remember. Today's kids are more likely to grow up reciting lyrics by 50Cent than reciting the loyalty creed; the "global generation" has no notion of patriotism or nationhood or responsibility. But then we are moving to a more globalized world, a global village. Maybe the new international outlook of our kids is a good thing, too soon to tell.  But some good lessons from the dark past live with us, every cloud has a silver lining. 

By the way, now  that we are celebrating such an important milestone for our country, KENIC should offer some nice domain promos for the long suffering Kenyan internet entrepreneurs: "express your identity with a during this Jamhuri Day for only Ksh.250" Wishful thinking. Happy Jamhuri Day to all Kenyans and friends of Kenya!!

P.S. Today is also Neutrality day in Turkmenistan, the day Turkmenistan was officially recognized as a neutral country. There are only three neutral countries in the world: Turkmenistan, Switzerland and Austria. Everyone else is a trouble maker...led by the troublemaker in chief :)
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