Friday, December 2, 2011

Typosquatting Montenegro's .ME with Niger's .NE (Innocently)

.ME is a ccTLD on the move. Montenegro's nice sounding ccTLD domain, an English word that always denotes very personal and self loving reference to ourselves, is on an unstoppable momentum to conquer the domain namespace. Over 550,000 domains have been registered  so far and the growth shows no sign of abating. The US(the land of "ME") alone has accounted for 52.92% of the registrations according to .ME Registry blog,  ; the number of .ME domain registrations grew by 27% between July 2010 and June 2011!

Which brings me to my main point of writing this article. Maybe Niger should do a Cameroon! The letter "N" is disturbingly close to "M" and many times, when I'm typing too fast, I find myself typing the n instead of m and vice versa. A user looking for which has recently been sold for $450,000 has a very good chance of typing for example, which has not been registered. I'm not implying that Niger should deploy a wild card and devalue its namespace but they should think of creative ways of marketing their ccTLDs. "If you value your .me so much, don't forget to register a .ne." Niger should learn the meaning of the word "piggyback".

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