Tuesday, December 6, 2011

YouTube.co.ug is launched in Uganda

Youtube now has a Ugandan taste with the launch of the Youtube.co.ug for Ugandan audiences that will show the most popular video content stream from Uganda.  This follows on the heels of the recently launched Youtube.co.ke for the Kenyan market. Uganda has been hot on the heels of Kenya in terms of access to internet and the increase in locally produced video which is taking the place for blogs, forums etc as the most viewed content on the web.

 The move is a boost to Uganda's .ug namespace as it will boost the awareness of .ug amongst Uganda's web users. The Google's vision in the region is to get more Africans online and to organize information in such a way that it's more relevant to the  internet users in the region.. An internet user in Kampala logging in to Youtube.co.ug should be able to access the most popular videos covering Ugandan stories as opposed to "irrelevant" videos from elsewhere in the world.

This is another greater step to localizing the product and supporting the promotion of local content to online audiences in  Uganda and in East Africa at large. Online video is already the big thing on the internet.

Uganda has been dwarfed by Kenya when it comes to growth and innovation on the internet and it's great to see some movement in the Ugandan scene. After all, no one wants to see a two-speed East African market. If two or three countries in the region can grow their internet economies congruently, then the resulting joint market will be a big boost to internet entrepreneurs and eCommerce in the region.

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