Thursday, January 26, 2012

ICANN 43 Costa Rica is of national interest

Costa Rica has declared the next ICANN meeting an event of national interest. ICANN meetings are a great global showcase where thousands of delegates descend on host cities for networking, policy deliberations on the internet and business. Each year, the global internet body hosts three meetings in three different regions of the world.

The choice for Costa Rica was made at the request of Costa Rica's National Academy of Sciences(NAS), through the Costa Rica Network Information Centre(NIC-Costa Rica to host the.43rd meeting of ICANN.

"The presence of the 43rd ICANN meeting in Costa Rica reaffirms the country addressing the issue of digital technologies, in particular, the need to maintain leadership in the region with a smart green vision", said Santiago Nunez, director of MICIT digital technology, Costa Rica.

The meeting will also allow Costa Rica to become the focus of the global internet community through physical participation of nearly 1,500 attendees from around the world.

Hosting ICANN meetings require a flare for organization and good infrastructure including good hotels, internet infrastructure, security and more. Countries normally bid to host the meetings and use the opportunity to market their  tourism, organization and technological potential.

.Moscow(dotMoscow) is the newest Sponsor for the ICANN 43 meeting in Costa Rica. .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА new TLDs are new gTLD proposals/initiatives for Moscow with Sedari as Registry Backend Services Provider.

The last ICANN meeting in Africa was hosted in Senegal from 23rd to 28th October, 2011. The next ICANN meeting in Africa will take place from 13th to 17th of July 2013. Nigeria has expressed an interest in hosting the meeting but it will face a tough time convincing the world of its capability given the recent security scares and killings. Other possible host countries in Africa include Botswana, Angola, Ethiopia, Rwanda and a few other emerging African economies. Africa has hosted 7 ICANN meetings since 2002.

ICANN 43 Costa Rica has also unveiled a new logo. See below

ICANN 43 Costa Rica Logo

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