Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New gTLDs: .FC Domain Names for Football Clubs?

Crazy .FC new "gTLD" idea
I bumped on this new gTLD initiative on this blog which faithfully documents emerging new gTLD projects. Like some of the many potential new gTLD strings popping up recently, this is definitely one of the more creative ones. So you could have Barcelona.fc Arsenal.fc RealMadrid.fc and so on but who else? But the idea is crazy/misinformed from the start, since a generic domain name must have at least 3 characters. So whoever is planning to apply for a two character .FC new gTLD is just blowing lots of smoke.

It's not clear whether an application will be submitted to ICANN for this newgTLD as the originator of the idea is still petitioning clubs within the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish leagues for support but effort should be spared as the idea does NOT meet even the most minimum criteria for a gTLD. From the .FC Domain Name website: "
My idea was the introduction of a .fc domain name, for football clubs across the globe. We already have domains for various countries, further education facilities and organisations to name but a few. So why didn't we have a domain for the worlds most popular sport?
I decided to compile a list of all the professional football teams within the United Kingdom; Englands Premiership to League Two, Scotlands Premier League to third division and Wales and Ireland top flights. One hundred and fifty six football teams all in. I took down the details of each of the clubs — urls & contact email addresses — and compiled a list of how many teams had the words "football club" or "fc" in their domains." Jack Osborne, .FC new gTLD

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