Friday, January 27, 2012

South African Domains: .ME.ZA vs NOM.ZA?

South Africa has an interesting second level domain namespace, NOM.ZA for individuals. According to the website "NOM.ZA is a second-level domain under the .ZA namespace catering for such individuals who wish to register a domain for personal use and do not have the financial means to apply for other domains within the .ZA namespace. NOM.ZA is currently also run with no compensation given to those involved in it's upkeep and administration, relying on infrastructure not owned by itself."

It has, since it's inception, been a free domain with no charges whatsoever placed on the registrant, with the condition that the domain is purely for personal use and never used for financial gain.

A better expression of ME
Maybe South Africa should introduce second level domains for personal branding and personal websites instead of  .ME has been on a momentum in the last few years, riding largely on the success of the marketing by .ME Registry of .me ccTLD domains for Montenegro. As a result, many ccTLDs have created .me second level domains for personalised web addresses and online presence.

I think is shorter and would be more palatable, resonating well with many English speakers, making domains like possible. ZADNA can approve introduction of after policy deliberations and approve a new organization or one of the existing organizations(Uniforum?) to administer second level domains. Policies can regulate whether the SLD will allow unrestricted personal domain registrations like etc or whether the naming will be more restricted where there are no dots or a firstname.lastname distinction like for .UK's Nominet? Just an idea.

Which would you prefer? or

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