Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cameroon ccTLD: .CM Domain Promo to launch in May

 .CM domain promos will launch in May this year. Domains will go at the low prices of £5($8) per year. It's not clear whether the promo will be for domain registrations in the second level or third level as the registry allows both flat and hierarchical domain registrations.

.CM ccTLD domains are some of the more popular ccTLD properties on the web valued by typosquatters due to their close similarity to .COM, the world's most valuable TLD. Many choose .CM domains with intention of typosquatting popular .com domains. In 2006, the .cm ccTLD registry deployed a wild card in a deal with legendary domain investor Kevin Ham that roped in millions for the investor. In recent years, there have been successful .CM domain auctions, the last one being held last year at Sedo that have roped in some good revenue.

.CM being an open registry, most domains are held by investors mostly based in the developed markets and the domain has been beyond the reach of ordinary Cameroonians due to the high costs of registrations. Cameroonians are normally given a chance to register at a lower cost than the $90-$100 paid by foreign registrants for registrations in the second level but there is still low uptake at the local level. Registrations in third level typically cost about $20.

More details on .CM promo coming soon!

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