Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nasper Launches Kenya's People Directory,

South Africa's media multinational company has at long last launched Kenya's People Directory, a reputation and professional networking platform for Kenya, that will feature thousands of biographies across various fields of expertise. Membership on the WhosWho Directory will be free to all Kenyan professionals.

There is so much opportunity in the Kenyan ccTLD namespace as far as available descriptive domains and relative lack of local content is concerned. With just 20,000 domains registered, you can build business around broad fields with the best domains available. So far, South African internet investors are smelling blood and grabbing Kenya's internet real estate. But you can't possibly compete against Napsers,can you? Still lots of unexplored verticals are available, IMHO. Like online travel, lead generation plus more. We only need to work hard and add a little imagination. And KENIC needs to lower prices for domain names  :)

Naspers already has a successful online people directory in South Africa called Who is Who Southern Africa The Kenyan directory will be the second in Africa by the media giant and as expected, more roll out will follow soon in other key African internet markets like Ghana and Nigeria. Some clever guy may register and and make Napsers "share" the wealth :) LOL

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