Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spam/Unwanted email from "Marketing Assistant"

Please beware. Anyone who mines your email address and then sends you unsolicited and impersonal emails using a for a reputable company that has a domain( is definitely not worth doing business with. It's not a scam but someone has obviously resorted to SPAM to market its products. Please brands, it's not wrong to mine contact addresses, but what you do after the mining matters. Send proper emails to pitch your products instead of creating fake profiles. Doesn't work for me, sorry.

From: Pingo Pingo []
Sent: 08 March 2012 06:04 AM



We’d like to explore a few ways that we could help monetize your site and increase the sites traffic.
1.      Complimentary Phone Cards
Use these as “bait” to give away as prizes for user generated content or social media engagement
2.      Advertising
We'd like to review a one month test advertising opportunity for advertorial content, banner ads or email blast. Please confirm the traffic and unique opportunity to introduce to your readers. 
3.      Partnership
Promote Pingo and earn up to a $35 for each customer referral. Sign up at
We look forward to coming up with a custom solution for how we could best work together.

Marketing Assistant
P.S. Please respond back to let us know what you’re thinking about working with Pingo.
Try Pingo’s web phone feature for just 1.8 cents a minute from 200+ countries
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