Friday, June 29, 2012

Africa Hosts Only 33 of World's Top 10,000 Websites

Well, this is very dismal. Out of the Top 10,000 websites by Alexa rank, only 33 are hosted in Africa with the majority of them in South Africa, Egypt and Seychelles. For some, the figures look optimistic given Africa's poorly developed webhosting infrastructure and the fact that many of the "hosters" in Africa are simply resellers of much bigger webhosting companies in the developed world. In Kenya, true Kenyan hosting is still relatively costly, and many people prefer the global marketplace which has very attractive offers. The growth of indigenous hosting, particularly for high traffic websites, will certainly spur growth of internet in Africa and create additional jobs in the industry. I think the onus is on African hosters to be innovative come up with a better product that sells and can draw consumers away from the BlueHost, 1&1 or HostMonster.
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