Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome to the African Domain Names Blog

Welcome to my  African Domain Names Blog. The last few weeks have been weeks of self discovery and exploration about the future of the internet, the place of Africa in this future internet, my place in it; the place of African Businesses and organizations.

I have realized that through negligence and lack of foresight, I had neglected a key area in the internet that would have made me a serious internet player a long time ago, the area of African Domain names! What do Africans from Dakar to Nairobi, Cairo to Cape Town search on the web? After five years of serious internet networking, all I have to show for it is a thousand Twitter followers, a few less serious Facebook friends who 'like' every updates I make and all they to say is LOL! Of course I value the true and timeless friendships that I have made through social media, the impact I have made through my conversations with people, the connections, the ideas, the discovery .It has been a blessing and a privilege. One that my parents only dreamed of. But now I have to move on!

I am moving on to the world of African domain names! The buying, the parking, the reselling. The high adrenaline world of domaining. I have been in touch with several top domainers; I have read Morgan Linton, Andrew Alleman,  Frank Schilling; I believe there is still room for one more in this exciting and broad new world of domaining, especially when I am to compete in my niche. I have staked my savings on this new venture, no doubt I will make mistakes but I intend to learn from them. Ignoring this rich real estate on the web has been the curse of Africa. Few African countries ever take domain names seriously and even fewer will register domains to defend their brands. I would like to demystify the world of domaining by starting from scratch and rising through the learning curve into meaningful monetization. As Brenda Lee sang some decades ago, "mistakes are part of being young". This way, I hope more African entrepreneurs will take domaining more seriously from watching me do it.

And I have a solemn promise to the global internet community: I intend to bring new ideas, passion and quality to the internet. I intend to develop useful and quality content for the benefit of everyone and not me. I will steer clear of cybersquatting and the violation of trademark rights. For those who have not yet crossed the Rubicon on whether to be domainers, join me on this journey of discovery; come share my excitement and enthusiasm and let us own the internet, we the idealists who would like to make some cash! So with a ton of ideas and enthusiasm and $100 in my pocket, let us embark on the journey of discovery!!!

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