Sunday, August 21, 2011

African Domain Names: New Development Strategy, One "Super Domain"

All along, I have been taking a failed approach to domain development. I have been acquiring some "great" dropping domains and parking some on Sedo while "developing" a few of them for Adsense ads and lead generation. I have also been sending emails to end users on the possibility of selling some of these domains to them but with little success.

I had been experimenting with this model for about three months and I have arrived at the conclusiuon that this is a failed approach, at least when it comes to the development side. For one, for the last 3 months, I have only earned around $40 from Google Adsense, my lead generation program on my hostels website has not picked up either, so far, I have only got some three contacts. So is my strategy failing, am I en route to earning very little from 18 domain names which I purchased for roughly $120?

You cannot do the same thing over and over again and somehow expect a different result. That's why I have decided to change course; I am going to step up my development strategy by adding unique compelling content on one "superdomain"; this superdomain is already earning me some steady traffic, at about 8-10 visitors per day with little content and optimization, already it has earned me $4 in Google Adsense without spending any effort.

That's why am convinced that this will be a superdomain. My strategy is to invest time and sweat developing this domain for at least one month. I am going to add useful and search engine optimized articles on the website hosted on this domain; am also studying several link building strategies that am planning to employ in the next one month. My target is to have a steady and  sustainable traffic for the next one month, that means the traffic must be search engine driven; search engines are the most solid and long term sources for traffic. My target for the next one month is to add 100 articles, quality, unique and optimized for search engines, about 200 Twitter followers, 6 tweets per day on my subject with tweets "optimized" with hashtags and relevant keywords linking back to my website, build 200 links in the first month and monitor the rise in traffic and earnings.

If this strategy proves successful, then I will deploy it in the other 17 domains. So for now, no more acquisitions. I want to successfully utilize what I have before I venture out to new acquisitions. My aim is to have each domain make at least $15 per month in the next two months. I am stepping up from hobbying to developing a serious online income stream. Time to get to work, I will post a link to my new site once I have added some 30 articles! Good luck with your domaining ventures!!

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