Sunday, August 21, 2011

Domainers stuck with South Sudan Domains

In the run up to the independence in South Sudan, some domainers rushed into acquiring South Sudan domains, with the hope of flipping them over as soon as the nation is independent and developers start developing websites targeted at the new country.

One of the greatest collectors of South Sudan Domains and my contact on Twitter is Domain Gnome  who has an impressive collection of South Sudanese domain names in the ".com flavour". He is marketing his domains as an alternative to those who might have an issue with .SS domains. In my opinion, I don't think people have an issue with .SS, at least the majority of domainers don't have an issue with .SS, they find the names very fascinating and expect domainers to collect some rich .SS names when the ccTLD is launched in the future.

Domains such as Janub Janub were quickly hand registered but selling them will be another story. For one, I do not think many Southern Sudanese will be looking to acquiring these new domains; the domain market in Southern Sudan is virtually non existent. Secondly, I do not think there is enough demand on the web to sustain websites with  South Sudanese Content on the worldwide web.  Thirdly,  the government of Southern Sudan has its hands full with building the nation's infrastructure that feel good programs like "magical South Sudan" "visit South Sudan" "Explore South Sudan" will take a backseat for now. My favorite, had already been registered.

 So I will be looking forward to some rich pickings of South Sudan Domains that will be dropping come July 2012.

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