Friday, August 12, 2011

BrandNameService: Beware of this Domain Name Sale Scam

I have been using the internet regularly since I was 15, that was 10 years ago and one intuitive skill that I have learned over the years is the ability to smell scams from 100km away. This morning, I received this email from the "President of Brand Domain Name Services LLC" one Mr 'Marc Lorenz'.  I recently hand registered a high value domain and listed it for sale on Sedo yesterday, which explains why I got this email:


We have found this name for sale listed in auction.

Please email us your desired price in USD or euros for the domain name in the subject line.

If you have other names for sale please email us your domains with prices.

Looking forward to doing business with you.


Marc Lorenz


Brand Domain Name Services LLC
NOTICE - This communication may contain confidential and privileged
information that is for the sole use of the intended recipient. Any
viewing, copying or distribution of, or reliance on this message by
unintended recipients is strictly prohibited. If you have received this
message in error, please notify us immediately by replying to the message
and deleting it from your computer.

I have learned that this scam targets domainers selling domains via Sedo. If you do not get an email from Marc Lorenz, you will probably get one from George Petersen, President at Domain Names & Web Hosting Clue LLC with email address The company apparently has two Presidents! Read more about this scam on DotWeekly , the blogger had a similar experience a fortnight ago. You are at risk of losing $60 in this latest scam!!
When you get an email like this, delete instantly. It's a well known scam in the domain business.