Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Week for Sedo, Top African Domain Names Sold: and

One thing we overlooked in the past but we will be including on this blog on a regular basis is weekly top sales of African theme domain names and ccTLDs in the International domain aftermarkets.
This week, total domain sales on Sedo alone were worth a whopping $860,000. Out of this, sales of the so called African theme domains accounted for just $5400.  Only two domain names were sold on Sedo that are relevant to our prevailing African theme.

The first one, was that fetched a respectable $3900. The new owner, whose privacy has been protected has not put up a website on the domain yet but we will monitor it closely to see what will be developed on the domain, we are expecting the owner has something worthwhile up their sleeves given the amount they have invested to acquire the domain name.

South Africa's's star continued shining on Sedo. Multichoice South Africa bought domain for $1500 . Phuthuma Nathi Investments is the black owned company that owns 13.3% of Multichoice. In 2006, Phuthuma Nathi 1 and 2 acquired 13.3% stake or more of Multichoice South Africa in a BEE deal. is still parked on Sedo and obviously the owner must be selling it at a premium given the million of rands in dividends that have been flowing into the pockets of the PhuthumaNathi wheeler dealers. is also on sale for $2000 on Sedo.

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  1. Wow!! Sedo has done it again, A great sales week for Sedo, really a big revenue generated deal. Thanks for sharing the stats buddy. I am also having a domain for sale. Ideal for yacht brokers, yacht builders, yacht vacation rental services & yacht sellers.